Fotograf: Espen Pedersen

Code of conduct

We ask all those who visit the nature of Sunnhordland to help keep our beautiful landscape spotless and to preserve it for generations to come.

Our weather changes rapidly. Bring food, clothes and shoes for rough weather. Always use life west at sea in smaller boats.

Bring back your garbage,
and dispose it in dedicated containers. Leave only footprints.

Keep to the trails,
both for your own safety and protection of vulnerable species.

Leave stones, fossils and plants where they are.
Take only photos.

Help the inhabitants by keeping gates closed, avoid blocking roads when parking and always pay attention to livestock.

Minimize fire hazard.
Wild fires could damage wide areas/ habitats wich needs long rehabilitation. Do not throw cigarettes or bottles wich could ignite a fire.

Right to Roam

The Norwegian Right of public access gives everybody permission to experience the open country as far as you do it in a considerate way. In pastures you could walk along roads and trails as fa as you keep good distance to houses and courtyards. You could also walk cross frozen or snow covered pastures between 15.october till 29. april. It is forbidden to make open fires between 15.april till 15.november. Dogs must be restrained between 01.april till 20.august, but under good control all year. Be respectful of livestock, and close all gates.

You could put up tent in open country and woods as far as you do not disturb the landowner. Tent or hammock must be at least 150 meters from houses, and could be there for maximum 2 days, unless landowner gives you permission to stay longer. If tenting in alpine mountains or far from houses the limitation for 2 days is not relevant.