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Eat & Stay

You can experience the taste of Sunnhordland at our sustainable-certified guesthouses. They have knowledge about the landscape, history, warm hospitality, and comfortable beds.

If you come by car or bike along the E39 coastal route, you will arrive in Sunnhordland, located between Bergen and Stavanger. If you come over the mountains from the east on the E134, you will end up in Sunnhordland if you turn north on the E39 just before Haugesund. If you cross Hardangervidda (R7), you will almost end up in Sunnhordland. Just continue to Odda and follow the tunnel under Folgefonna to beautiful Rosendal.

There are daily express boat routes from Bergen (Strandkaiterminalen) to several ports in Sunnhordland. The Coastal Bus (Kystbussen) operates multiple trips daily between Bergen and Stavanger.

Bekkjarvik Guesthouse

Sleep, Food and Experience

Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri was built late 17-century when King Christian IV decided it should be guesthouses for every half day travel along the western coast of Norway.

With a historic atmosphere close by the ocean this is a pearl worth visiting. And just to mention; their cook Ørjan is a Boccuse d’ Or - winner.
+47 55 08 42 40

Stord Hotel

Sleep, Food and Experience

Stord Hotel is a good starting point to experience the nature and culture of Sunnhordland.

Whatever season or time of the day you are welcomed into the intriguing and modern atmosphere at Stord Hotel. They also have the best spa in our region.
+47 53 40 25 00

Gullvegen Farmstead

Sleep and Experiences

Gullvegen Gardstun is a unique visitor farm. We promote the gold history at Lykling!
Here you will find a gold panning site, stunning coastal landscapes, and a bustling farm life.
+47 976 12 708

Sikje farm

Food and experiences

Sikje farm is an organically operated farm on Bømlo, selling seasonal produce.

Facebook – Sikje farm
+47 412 15 136

Haaheim Gard

Sleep, Food and Experience

Haaheim Gard has a stately atmosphere and a cheerful hospitality you should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Adventure, experiences, cultural happenings, homemade chocolate and exquisite food of local ingredients are offered all year.
+47 53 43 30 00

Moster Amfi & Moster Kyrkje

Moster Amfi

Sleep, Food and Experience

Moster Amfi is built in a former marble quarry and serves as our main visitor center. Inside the rock, there is an accessible tunnel where the mining history is presented. You can explore Norway's oldest stone church and see the magical exhibition showcasing the transition from Paganism to Christianity. It is based on the historical events that took place right here in front of the mountain Siggjo 1000 years ago.

In the entrance there are information panels and timeline showing the developing of our geo heritage.
On request, groups of children can grind pieces of marble on adapted grinding wheels down in Mostratunet. Occasionally, the lime kiln is fired up to produce traditional lime from local marble for the restoration of old church buildings in the region.
+47 53 42 66 20