Fotograf: Rolv Dahl, NGU

Norwegian Geoparks

The Norwegian committee for geoparks and geo-heritage was founded in 2014 to support Norwegian geopark-initiatives. The committee assigns the status Norwegian Geoparks to geoparks that satisfies their set of criteria based on the UGGN-criteria. Geopark Sunnhordland was assigned this mark in 2019 as the first geopark in Norway and was re-certified in 2022.


Administration and secretariate are located at The Norwegian Geological Survey (NTU) in Norway, having these members: The Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) The European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage, Progeo The Norwegian Geological Organization, NGF UNESCO Globale geoparker fra Norge (en representant fra hver geopark) Museums of Natural History Universities with geoscientific institutes The Norwegian Environment Agency Innovation Norway Den norske UNESCO-kommisjonen (observatør)

The committee bring new applications to UGGN via The Ministry of Culture and Equality and is the institution that assists geoparks owning UGGN-status up against The State Budget.

Chairman of the committee is geologist Terje Solbakk, NGU.