OPPLÆRING&TILBOD - Foto: Brynjar Stautland

Photo: Brynjar Stautland

Educational activities

In our visitor centres peopIe in all ages will find information, funfacts and interpretation on our bedrock, landscapes, geological resources and culture during 11 500 years. You will also find our geotour-maps in english and german, explaining the 60 geosites in Sunnhordland UNESCO Global Geopark.

Main Document for UNESCO GGN-application.


Photo: Moster Amfi

Moster Amfi

Moster Amfi, the Geopark main centre is regularly visited by kindergartens and classes attending geo-games as bow and arrow, making food in cooking pits, visiting the old stone church and the marble tunnels. Tunnels (secured) are adventurous when visited with helmets and lamps. During the visit they make a small memory-stone by grinding a small piece of marble on grinding boards made of re-designed classroom-desks.

In the entrance there are information panels and timeline showing the developing of our geo heritage.



Folgefonnsenteret is equipped with the most modern and interactive exhibition dedicated to The Circulation of Water, Climate and Climate changes. There is an extensive use of this exhibition by classes, pupils and tourists.

The centre is open year-round.


Photo: Folgefonnsenteret


Sunnhordland Museum - Foto: Sunnhordland Museum

Photo: Sunnhordland Museum

Sunnhordland Museum

Sunnhordland Museum interprets the medieval masonry techniques used in our medieval buildings, in addition to our general cultural heritage.

The museum has programs on interpreting local culture for different ages, e.g., “Legends from Sunnhordland”, “Stone Age-activities”, “The miner”, and “The Bronze Sword”. “I am building myself a boat” learn 5. grade kids the names and principles of the wooden boat Faering built here since before Viking age. By putting together, the parts in a half scale model they learn names, then making their own key ring by whittle and grinding a half-fabricated shaft.


Guided tours

I kisgruvene på Litlabø er det er to gaida turar pr dag frå 26.06 til 06.08.
Billettar kan bestillast på Venelaget for gruo si nettside.

Resten av året guiding i kisgruvene etter avtale.


GAIDA-TURAR - Foto: Brynjar Stautland

Photo: Brynjar Stautland

Sunnhordland Museum - Foto: Sunnhordland Museum

Foto: Bømlo Teater

Bømlo Theater


Bømlo Theater is a voluntary organization with the aim of working to strengthen Bømlo as a center for performing arts based on competence, quality, diversity, and engagement.

Through good collaboration and sound financial management, Bømlo Theater aims to create a sustainable, open, and inclusive organization. The group is a member of the Norwegian Amateur Theater Association.

+47 909 61 702

Moster 2024

Celebrating the past - shaping the future!

2024: The 1000 year anniversary and National Jubilee for for the first Christian Laws in Norway, presented by Olav the Holy at Moster in 1024.

+47 90 90 23 26

GAIDA-TURAR - Foto: Brynjar Stautland